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Viejas Outlet Center

One of the lovliest outlet malls you'll ever discover!

Viejas Outlet Center: beautiful, Native American-themed architecture

We can't say enough nice things about the Viejas Outlet Center in Alpine (greater San Diego), California! Just spending time at this beautiful and garden-like location will make you feel like you've been "away from it all." Come discover the Viejas Outlet Mall---maybe you'll like it as much as we do!

Viejas Outlet Center: Decor, themes and motifs

Photo:  View from BEHIND a waterfall at the Viejas Outlet Center in metro San Diego The most important thing to know about the decor of the Viejas Outlet Center is that it's on Native American land and built around a Native American theme. A melange of Native American styles have been used in the building and decorating motifs at Viejas mall. The buildings themselves are "pueblo style," similar to those built by the Native Americans of New Mexico (...think "Taos.") Other features at the Viejas complex are reminiscent of tepees built by the plains tribes.

The atmosphere at the Viejas Center doesn't stop with the buildings alone, though. Prominent use is made of water. You'll find waterfalls, water fountains, streams, ponds, and "dancing waters" throughout the Viejas outdoor mall. The abundance of running water provides a sensation of rest and relaxation to those who visit here.

Interesting uses of space itself are apparant throughout Viejas. On one hand, you'll find narrow walkways which provide a cozy, "old world" feel. But on the other extreme, you'll also see a huge, grassy park in the middle of the Viejas grounds...the size of which you won't see at any other mall. The effect is utterly stunning.

Photo of a bear statue and beautiful landscaping at the Viejas Outlet Center near San Diego, California Animal statuary is used at Viejas to complete the "world of nature" feeling for the visitor. A cougar lurks on a high limb. A ram climbs a rocky knoll. An eagle poses before flight. And, below on the ground, animal "footprints" provide the "proof" that the forest is near at hand.

The Viejas Mall's decor doesn't end with merely VISUAL effects, either. Sound is an important effect at Viejas. Music mixed with the sounds of nature is piped into the courtyards and pathways at Viejas. Native American instruments and original recordings are auditory treats for the Viejas guests.

Where do the sound effects end, and reality take over? Are those real birds chirping and frogs croaking? It could be. Or, it could be the speakers bringing you the sounds of the forest. Reality or make-believe? Whatever the source, the effect you'll feel upon hearing the sounds of nature is one of peace and relaxation.

We came early to Viejas to take these photos before the crowds of people arrived. In the early morning, nearly all by myself, Viejas seemed almost like a sanctuary. Almost like the shoppers who'd soon be arriving would merely mar the serenity of this special place. We've been here a number of times since that day, and are always impressed all over again by the beauty of the Viejas Outlets.

Photo: Dancing waters are both decor AND entertainment at the Viejas Outlet Center Mall

Viejas Outlet Center: Entertainment

Bowling has come to Viejas!

Photo: Tepee themed sun shade covers the Center Court area, where entertainment takes place at the Viejas Outlet CenterWhere can you find metro San Diego's most exciting "boutique" bowling lanes?

At the Viejas Center!

The bowling center features 12 lanes of upscale-style bowling. You'll enjoy the bowling center's stylish decor...and sports fans will be excited to know that the center's flat-screen TV's will keep them connected with all the most popular sporting events.

The Viejas Bowling Center's hours of operation are as follows: Weekdays (Monday through Friday,) Viejas Bowl opens at noon & closes at midnight. On weekends (Saturday & Sunday,) the Viejas Bowl's opening time is at 9 am & closing time is at midnight.

Viejas bowling discounts: There are 2 discount bowling times at the Viejas Bowl. For early birds, Sundays from 9 am until noon are the times to remember for getting a very good deal on bowling. For night owls, don't forget to show up on Monday evenings from 9 pm until midnight...when it will be your turn to enjoy special discount bowling prices.

Birthday parties, and other private parties can easily be arranged. You may call the Viejas Bowl's phone number, 877-303-BOWL (877-303-2695) to discover details.

Viejas Shows and Concert Series

In addition to admiring the architecture and ambience of the mall, there's still more to do than shop at the Viejas Outlet Center. Many evenings in the outlet mall's "Center Show Court" a performance is given. There are 3 different multi-media performances that rotate being shown, depending on the season of year. All feature music, lasers, lights...or even pyrotechnics. Admission is free!

The rotating shows are---

* Splashtracks! (Spring) This show is billed as a "musical journey of hits."

* Legend of the Ice Princess: (Winter holidays) This is a wintertime show that's performed during the holiday season. It features all the special effects mentioned above---PLUS snowfall!

* The Power of Nightfire: (Summer) This is a beautiful show about Native American legends.

It's relaxing to watch the Dancing Waters, which run throughout the day at Viejas Outlet Center near San Diego You'll want to plan some time to sit and watch the relaxing "Dancing Waters" fountains in the Center Court area, as well. You might want to combine this activity with stopping for a snack break or lunch. Several eateries adjoin the central courtyard, and there are plenty of outdoor tables where you can eat your meal while gazing at the fountains.

Viejas Bingo: There's now a new bingo hall at the Viejas Outlets. The phone number is 619-445-5400. Bingo times start every several hours beginning 11 am. For full bingo information, here' the Bingo info page of the Viejas website.

Concerts in the Park: For many years, Viejas has run an outdoor summer concert series. This year is no exception. To see a list of this summer's performances...and to buy's a link to the Concerts in the Park page of the website.

Roller Skating Rink: The Viejas Outlets are also home to the largest outdoor roller rink in Southern California. The rink is open every year between the end of March and Labor Day. However, the dates and times vary. Most months, it's open only Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays...but during much of summer vacation time, it's open every evening. (Skating sessions are alway "evening only" with starting tims between 4 to 6 pm and ending times between 9 and 10 pm.) To check the calendar of open dates and times, here's the Roller Skating Rink page of the website.

Viejas Outlet Center: Kids Stores

Photo: Finding faux animal footprints in the pathways at the Viejas Outlet Center will delight children The Viejas Outlet Center focuses more on clothing for adult women than on other types of merchandise. Nevertheless, there are a few good outlet stores at Viejas where you can buy clothing and accessories for babies and kids.

* Carter's Children's Wear, (phone number 619-659-0635) What baby or young child hasn't worn Carter clothing? It's everywhere you turn, including various department stores as well as its own stand-alone shops. If you need clothing for babies or toddlers, you'll find cute clothing at a good price at Carters. The Viejas location offers always has a good selection of both clearance merchandise, as well as selected new merchandise at a discount. (And some items at full price.)

* Osh Kosh B'Gosh, (phone number 619-659-5055) Osh Kosh is another mainstay for good-quality kid's clothing, and features a good selection of both girl's and boy's clothing for babies thru elementary school age.

* Christy's Toy Outlet, (phone number 619-659-9898.) Anyone with kids on their shopping list will be glad for the addition of Christy's Toy Outlet to the Viejas mall. Get good bargains while delighting your children or grandchildren with a gift!

Viejas Outlet Center: Shopping

Photo: Beautiful building and landscaping in the Viejas Outlet Center, San Diego As we mentioned earlier on this page, women's clothing is the Viejas Outlet Center's strong suit. This outlet mall is a particularly good place for finding business and "dress casual" attire. Though men's clothing is not formerly Viejas Mall's strong point, some of the newer store additions have corrected that situation...and more additions in the category of "active sports wear" have been added.

For a current listing of stores, a link to the Viejas Outlets website is at the bottom of this page. For a quick scan of the shops you'll find, here is a list of clothing outlet stores at the Viejas Outlet Center as of Summer, 2018---

Charlotte Russe Outlet, number 619-659-5048

Chico's, telephone number (619) 445-3936

Dressbarn telephone number 619-445-7615

Eddie Bauer Outlet phone number 619-659-0955

The Gap Outlet phone number 619-445-2974

Guess Outlet phone number 619-445-1196

L'eggs/Hanes/Bali/Playtex phone 619/659-3428

Levi's outlet telephone number 619-659-5886

Polo Ralph Lauren clearance phone 619-445-9888

Tommy Hilfiger outlet phone number 619-659-8887

Wilson's Leather outlet telephone 619-659-0016

Still MORE outlet stores!

Photo of the Viejas Outlet Center: aesthetics rule at this San Diego outlet mall! Though the Viejas Outlet Mall is large, most of that space is filled with landscaping, turning Viejas into a park-like setting. There are many less stores here than at some other outlets...particularly Ontario Mills, the largest outlet mall in Southern California. Nevertheless, we haven't come to the end of the list of stores at Viejas Outlet Center yet! Here is a store listing of shops in other categories besides clothing:

* Jewelry, Footwear, and Accessories:

Coach outlet store, phone number 619-659-8450

Daniel's Jewelers, telephone number 619-445-0246

Famous Footwear Outlet, phone 619/659-3897

Naturalizer Outlet Store, telenumber 619/445-7853

Nike Clearance Store, phone number 619/659-3460

Skechers shoes, phone number 619-659-8557

Sunglass Hut, telephone number 619/659-3602

Vans Outlet Store, phone number 619/659-3243

Wilsons Leather outlet, phone number 619/659-3243

* Specialty and Other:

Alpine Ranch Crossfit;
telephone number 619-787-381

Alpine Sports Corner, phone number 619-722-1653

Fun Zone Arcade, phone number 619/659-2508

Kitchen Collection, telephone number 619/445-6130

Native Dreams Day Spa number 619-722-1268

You may find out further details on these shops (and check for changes in the list of stores) by using the link to the Viejas Outlet Center's official website, which is at the bottom of this page.

The attractive Polo Ralph Lauren store at the Viejas Outlet Center

Viejas Outlet Center: Contact Information

Photo of flowering plants, ponds, statuary and grassy areas adorn the Viejas Outlet Center in Alpine (greater San Diego), California The Viejas Outlet Center address is:
5005 Willows Road
Alpine, CA 91901.

The Viejas Outlet mall shopping hours are as follows: Mondays through Saturdays, the outlet mall opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm. On Sundays, the Viejas Mall opening time is 10 am and its closing time is 7 pm. Holiday hours may vary.

Viejas Outlet Mall web page: Here's the Viejas story directory page of the Viejas Casino website.

Viejas Outlet Center directions:
Take Interstate 8 heading east...that's up into the mountains "behind" San Diego. Take the Alpine, California exit and follow the signs to the Viejas Casino and outlet mall. If you're coming from the east headed west into San Diego, you'll clearly see the Viejas mall and casino BEFORE you reach the exit you'll need to take. However, if you're coming from San Diego, you won't see the mall first...because you'll still need to travel a mile or so down Willows Road before you arrive there.

Map to Viejas casino and outlet mall: If you'd like to get a better visual idea of where you'll be heading, you may use the following link to view a Google map of the Viejas Outlet Center and Casino area.

If you'd like to find out what's going on at the casino itself, here's the main page of the Viejas website.

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