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Westfield West Covina

Convenient location + wide choice of stores = Great place to shop!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Westfield West Covina Mall in West Covina, California. On this page, you'll discover the wide variety of merchandise here that will please every member of your family.

Westfield West Covina Mall review

Photo of the main entrance to the Westfield West Covina Mall in West Covina, California Westfield West Covina has to be one of the easiest shopping centers in Los Angeles County to find and enjoy. You can see it from Interstate 10...making it near-to-impossible to get lost!

Once you're at Westfield West Covina, you'll find a large array of shops just waiting for you to enjoy browsing through them! You'll find many familiar names in clothing stores at the Westfield Mall...favorites like American Eagle Outfitters, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 (XXI Forever), Nordstrom Rack, Aeropostale...and many more!

Westfield West Covina is also one of the best malls in the area if you're shopping for kids. You'll find a more-than-average number of children's specialty stores...and that's not counting the kid's sections of the mall's larger shops and department stores! On the rest of this page, you'll find a directory of stores at the West Covina Mall, along with directions and contact information.

Stores at Westfield West Covina Mall

Clothing stores for adults and teens

Photo of the Express Men Store at the Westfield West Covina Mall in Southern California Here's the list of clothing specialists at Westfield West Covina. You'll be able to find clothing stores for adults and teens in this section...and children's clothing shops will be mentioned in the next area of this page.

In addition to the West Covina Mall's clothing stores, you'll also find a Macy's Department Store, JC Penney's, and a Sears Department store waiting to serve you. Clothing for all members of the family, plus items for nearly every room in your house can be found.

  • Aeropostale, telephone 626-960-0507
  • All Pro Sports, phone number 626-851-8647
  • American Basics, phone number 626.337.3700
  • American Eagle Outfitters, 626-338-5224
  • Aztlan Gallery, phone number 626-337-8577
  • Bloom clothing store, phone 626-472-7750
  • Charlotte Russe, phone number 626-962-1462
  • Cotton On, telephone number 626-856-3679
  • Denim Blue, telephone number 626-338-1535
  • Express/Express Men, telephone 626-962-7411
  • Famous Labels, phone number 626-962-3600
  • Fanzz team clothing, phone 626-960-1133
  • Fashion Q, store telephone 626-338-6666
  • Foreign Exchange clothing 626-960-1102
  • Forever 21, see listing for "XXI Forever"
  • Frederick's Of Hollywood, phone 626-962-0993
  • G by Guess, telephone number 626-960-0151
  • Gap clothing store, phone number 626-337-0897
  • H & M, store telephone number 626-962-6053
  • Hollister clothing, phone number 626-472-6381
  • Hot Topic, store phone number 626-338-5303
  • Intimate Basics, phone number 626-960-1300
  • J C Penney Department Store, 626-960-3711
  • Lane Bryant, store phone number 626-962-6407
  • Leather Expo, telephone number 626-962-4920
  • Macy's Department Store, phone 626-962-5400
  • Maidenform, telephone number 626-962-5057
  • Men's Wearhouse, phone number 626-813-0323
  • Mode Plus, store phone number 626-813-4401
  • Motherhood Maternity Shop, phone 626-338-0249
  • My Fashion Club, phone number 626-337-9000
  • Nordstrom's Rack, phone number 626-404-2633
  • OMG Soccer, telephone number 626-337-3057
  • Pac Sun, telephone number 626-851-0294
  • Sears Department Store, phone number 626-939-2000
  • Sports Authority, telephone number 626-813-7566
  • Street Dreams, telephone number 626-851-0806
  • Tilly's clothing, phone number 626-962-0017
  • Torrid clothing, phone number 626-851-9777
  • Vans, store telephone number 626-960-6995
  • Victoria's Secret, phone number 626-338-2834
  • Windsor Fashions, phone number 626-337-2651
  • XXI Forever, telephone number 626-337-0413
  • Zota men's clothing, telephone 626-337-7506
  • Zumiez, store phone number 626-814-8059

    West Covina Mall's Accessories Stores

    Photo: Westfield West Covina mall's Mode Plus store; metro Los Angeles, California In addition to the accessories you'll find at the mall's major department stores, you'll also find a variety of shops specializing in accessories at the Westfield West Covina mall. You'll be able to find just the right finishing touches to complete your new wardrobe of outfits right within the mall complex itself...from shoes, to jewelry, to purses, belts, and more. Following is a list of stores at the Westfield West Covina Mall which specialize in various types of accessories.


  • Aldo Shoes, store phone number 626-962-4481
  • Bakers Shoe Store, phone number 626-480-8729
  • Cathy Jean, telephone number 626-856-3682
  • Champs Sports, phone number 626-962-6433
  • Foot Locker, telephone number 626-960-8450
  • Journey's Shoes, phone number 626-337-1718
  • Kids Foot Locker, telephone 626-337-2967
  • Lady Footlocker, phone number 626-813-6734
  • Love D, store telephone number 626-814-1217
  • Parbella, telephone number 626-480-7949
  • Pairadise shoes, telephone 626-962-7700
  • Payless Shoes, phone number 626-337-8553
  • Reflection shoes, telephone 626-960-0011
  • Robert Wayne Footwear, phone 626-962-0267
  • Salvatory Shoes, phone number 626-480-1786
  • Shiekh Shoes, phone number 626-962-7600
  • Shoe Palace, phone number 626-814-1200
  • Sole Mate, telephone number 626-962-2288
  • Spaza shoes, phone number 626-814-4422
  • Stride Rite shoes, phone number 626-337-6030
  • Vans shoes, phone number 626-960-6995

    OTHER ACCESSORIES SHOPS (including jewelry, handbags, etc.)

  • Bliss, store telephone number 626-480-0604
  • Capland, store telephone number 626-338-1517
  • Claire's Accessories, phone number 626-960-5888
  • Daniel's Jewelers, phone number 626-960-2733
  • Don Roberto Jewelers, telephone 626-722-5181
  • Fast Fix jewelry & repairs phone 626-814-2625
  • Kay Jewelers, phone number 626-814-2680
  • Kevin Jewelers, phone number 626-338-7131
  • Lids store, telephone number 626-814-3477
  • NYS Collection, phone number 626-814-3075
  • Piercing Pagoda, phone number 626-338-8584
  • Precision Time, phone number 626-960-4101
  • Silver Expression, telephone 626-960-7243
  • Sunglass Hut, telephone number 626-851-9356
  • Total Time (store), phone number 626-851-2446
  • Treasure Island, phone number 626-337-0729
  • Victoria Jewelers, telephone number 626-851-9224

    Westfield West Covina Kid's Stores

    You'll find some of your favorite names in children's stores at Westfield West Covina. On the other hand, you'll discover some cute stores that are one-of-a-kind as well. You may view slide show pictures of the West Covina Mall's children's stores just below.

    Here's a list of stores specializing in children's merchandise (clothing, shoes, toys, etc) at the Westfield West Covina mall---

  • Babies A Lot, phone number (626) 814-0750
  • Cartoon Field, telephone number 626-851-3688
  • Children's Place, phone number 626-962-6065
  • Crazy 8, telephone number 626-430-9960
  • Disney Store, phone number 626-337-4262
  • Gymboree children's clothing, 626-338-6997
  • Justice Just for Girls, number 626-338-2950
  • Kids Club, phone number 626-856-1902
  • Kids Foot Locker, phone number 626-337-2967
  • Sanrio Surprises, 626-337-1831 (Hello, Kitty!)
  • Stride Rite Children's Shoes, phone 626-337-6030
  • X-Treme Toys, telephone number 626-851-1500

    West Covina Mall's Bath, Beauty & Health

    You'll find a number of stores and salons at the West Covina Mall where you can treat yourself to a makeover...or find the supplies so you can "do it yourself." Are you feeling a little daring and willing to "show off?" How about getting your makeover done where everyone at the mall can see? Try the MAC Outpost, a rather large kiosk that sits in the mall's center aisle. You'll get your makeup applied...and all the passersby can view the "new you!"

  • Bath & Body Works, phone number 626-337-3542
  • Carlton Hair Salon, phone number 626-338-1950
  • Edge Up Barber Shop, phone number 626-430-3600
  • Gold's Gym,, telephone number 626-480-7717
  • GNC/General Nutrition Center, 626-338-6462
  • Hijuki, telephone number 626-960-6706
  • JC Penney Optical, phone 626-960-0025
  • JC Penney Salon, telephone 626-338-8095
  • L.A. Nails Too, phone number 626-813-7080
  • LA Nails Too, phone number 626-813-7080
  • Lenscrafters, telephone number 626-814-4681
  • Luxury Perfumes, phone number 626-430-5786
  • M.A.C. Outpost, phone 626-962-5400 Ext.3101
  • Marinello's Beauty School, phone 626-962-1021
  • Mastercuts hair salon, phone number 626-338-3389
  • Perfumania, telephone number 626-338-3690
  • Plaza Optometry, phone number 626-960-5537
  • Proactiv skin care, telephone 626-337-1662
  • Regis Hair Salon, phone number 626-338-6000
  • Sears Optical, telephone number 626-939-2068
  • Sephora at JC Penney, telephone 626-960-3711
  • Shapes Brow Bar, phone number 626-480-0300
  • Smile Care Dental, phone number 626-962-8911
  • Victoria's Secret, phone number 626-338-2834
  • Vitamin World, phone number 626-337-1520
  • Wendy's Nails, phone number 626-960-5989
  • Ziba Beauty, phone number 626-214-9280

    Home & Auto stores & services

    Photo of the Things Remembered personalized gifts & decor store at the Westfield West Covina Mall in Southern CaliforniaJust as you would expect, you'll find home furnishings, decor items and electronics at the mall's major department stores. In addition, you'll find the following specialty businesses to help you enhance your home and auto---

  • Anna's Linens, phone number 626-960-7796

  • Best Buy, phone number 626-480-5399

  • Firestone, telephone 626-960-6584

  • Gamestop, phone number 626-962-0600

  • Paul's TV, phone number 626-338-3887

  • Radio Shack, phone number 626-337-2442

  • Things Remembered, phone 626-338-6714

    Still more stores at West Covina Plaza!

    In spite of the many stores already mentioned on this page, there are still MORE shops and services at the West Covina Mall. In this traveler's review of the shopping center, we haven't even mentioned certain categories of merchandise...such as cards & gifts, luggage, alterations, photographers, specialty services...and even tax preparation! To view a full listing, please see the mall's official website; there's a link in the last section of this page.

    Restaurants at the West Covina mall

    Photo of a decorative plaque in the Westfield West Covina mall's food courtWhether you're looking for a relaxing meal over which you may linger after a long, tiring day of shopping...or just a quick bite before you head back to the fitting rooms, you'll be able to find something tasty at the West Covina Mall's restaurants and snack bars.

    Here's a list of major table-service and fast-casual restaurants both inside the mall and outside the mall along the road rimming the shopping center---

    Applebee's Restaurant, phone number 626-338-5789

    Baja Fresh, phone number 626-856-6962

    California Pizza Kitchen, phone 626-814-4400

    Gatten Sushi, telephone number 626-960-4287

    Grand Buffet, telephone number 626-851-8699

    Lazy Dog Cafe, telephone number 626-480-8603

    Margarita Jones, telephone number 626-480-8300

    Red Robin Restaurant, phone number 626-814-3318

    Silver Dragon Restaurant, telephone 626-962-6019

    Subway, telephone number 626-337-3877

    Other restaurants and snack shops: In addition to the above-mentioned major restaurants, there's a huge variety of fast food dining and snack shops at the West Covina Mall. To view the complete list of your options, please consult the mall's official website (link at the bottom of this page.)

    Westfield West Covina: address, directions, contact info

    Photo of the Express Men Store at the Westfield West Covina Mall in Southern California The Westfield West Covina phone number is (626) 960-1881.

    The Westfield West Covina store hours are as follows: Mondays through Saturdays, the West Covina mall opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm. On Sundays, the mall's opening time is at 11:00 am and its closing time is 7:00 pm. Holiday hours may vary.

    The Westfield West Covina address is: 112 Plaza Drive, West Covina, CA 91790.

    Directions to Westfield West Covina: from the Interstate 10 Freeway, take the Vincent Avenue exit. The shopping center sits directly to the south of I-10. You virtually CAN'T get lost---you can SEE the stores from Interstate 10. Just follow your eyes!

    To get a better mental picture of where you'll be heading, you may use the following link to see a Yahoo map of the Westfield West Covina area of West Covina, California.

    To get further information about the shops and restaurants you can enjoy at this popular West Covina shopping plaza, please use the following link to visit the Westfield West Covina official website.

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