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Ghost Town, part 2

Wild Water Wilderness themed area has become part of Ghost Town!

In the slide show above, you're looking at pictures of the Pony Express roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm...a fun ride that's a good coaster for families with school-age kids! On this page, you'll discover still more attractions in the Knott's Ghost Town themed area.

What happened to Wild Water Wilderness? It's now part of Ghost Town!

Picture: Bigfoot Rapids raft ride, Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California USA The Wild Water Wilderness themed area at Knotts Berry Farm was, for many years, a themed area of the park. Why isn't it on any park maps any more?

Wild Water Wilderness was only a small area. There used to be 1 attraction (Mystery Lodge) and 2 rides in this section--the Bigfoot Rapids rafting ride and the Scrambler ride. However, the Scrambler ride was removed so that the new Pony Express roller coaster could go into its spot. However, the theme of the Pony Express was more in keeping with the Wild West "Ghost Town" section of the park instead of Wild Water Wilderness. To solve the problem, the entire section was annexed as a part of Ghost Town.

Details about the Pony Express coaster have already been discussed on the "Ghost Town, part 1" page. On the rest of this page, you'll discover the other Ghost Town attractions which used to be part of the Wild Water Wilderness area of the park.

(Photo note: In the picture to your left, the tall, wooden roller coaster you see rising in the background is the popular "Ghost Rider." You can get good views of Ghost Rider from the Bigfoot Rapids ride!)

Exciting Bigfoot Rapids raft ride!

Plan to get wet on Knotts Berry Farm's white water rafting ride!

Bigfoot Rapids raft ride at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park (Los Angeles), California, USA The Bigfoot Rapids white-water rafting ride is one of the most fun, relaxing...and wet!...rides at Knotts Berry Farm. (That's the Bigfoot Rapids ride you're viewing in the photo to your right...and also in the picture above.) It's a delightful ride; one that's sure to be a "hit" with your kids. You may very well get drenched here, but that's all part of the fun.

Once your family boards the raft, you'll be released onto the gently churning river for a float trip through a beautifully wooded section of Knott's Berry Farm park. As your raft bobs and dips in the water's currents, water splashes into the raft. The trip is even wetter during the summer and on warm-weather days, when the Knott's folks turn on extra water jets that add an extra-drenching!

Interestingly, this attraction has a HUGE queuing area, left over from the days when the ride was new & drew a large crowd. These days, the Bigfoot Rapids white-water rafting ride is still popular, but the lines here are usually not as long as when this attraction was newer (which makes riding Bigfoot Rapids EXTRA attractive on days when many other rides have longer lines.)

There is a minimum height restriction of 46" tall in order to ride the Bigfoot Rapids white water rafting ride. Expectant mothers may not participate.

Knotts Berry Farm Attractions -- Mystery Lodge

Mystery Lodge at Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California USA Here you see an attractive building in White Water Wilderness at Knotts Berry Farm called the "Mystery Lodge." You can tell by the decor of the building that it might have something to do with Native Americans, and you're right.

The show inside this building is billed by Knott's as a "high tech tribute to Native American story telling." In other words, there's music, visuals, and lighting that combine to form an interesting family show.

Another non-ride attraction that you can watch for nearby (during the busy summer season only) is the "Ranger Station." You'll meet "park rangers" showing off various animal critters, and answering various nature-related questions during the busy summer vacation period this year.



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