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Wizard, Witch and Vampire Costumes

Sewing or buying? This page can help you decide!

In the slide show above, you're viewing witch, wizard & vampire costume pictures (and even an assorted monster or two.) These clever costume pictures were submitted by readers who entered the Halloween Costume Contest last September and October. This page can help you get some ideas about your own vampire, wizard and witch costumes.

Vampire & Witch costume have hip new looks these days...

...or you can choose an undead outfit with traditional styling

boy's vampire costumeWitch and vampire costumes for Halloween are "old standbys." They've been worn as long as Halloween WAS Halloween. You'll even find them filed under the words "traditional Halloween costumes" when you look through an online store's website or thumb through the pages of a sewing pattern book. "looks" are shaping up for these oldies-but-goodies! New fabrics, trims, makeup kits and accessories are giving an updated look to the old styles. And, an emphasis on "cute" witches for little girls...and flirty witches for teens and women...are replacing the "old crone" image that this type of costume used to conjure up in one's mind.

On this page, we'll talk about some of the latest vampire and witch costumes you'll come across in stores and sewing websites. Maybe you'll discover a "look" that's right for YOU!

Photo note: in the picture to your left, you see an elegant-looking boy's vampire outfit. Velveteen fabric was chosen for the pants and vest, and the wide-collared black satin cape is lined with contrasting red.

Which witch? Cute or sassy?

Picture of a witch costume, featuring sparkly fabric and layers of overlapping sheer fabric When it comes to witch costumes, almost NOBODY opts for the "old crone" style outfit these days. However, this style still has its place...often as a choice for "last minute costume ideas." It's so easy to grab a witch hat and cheap wig...almost any store, from the corner grocery to the nearest Walmart carries them. Next, don a black dress or robe and, voila...instant costume. This old standby will probably never die out completely. BUT, there are better and classier options!

The cutie pie witch is becoming the fast favorite for younger girls. Often made with brighter fabrics combined with the traditional black (or even WITHOUT the color black in the costume at all!) these costumes feature such girlish details as ruffles, lace, ribbons, cute decals, gathers & puckers, etc. The effect can be adorable!

The flirty witch (aka sexy witch or sassy witch) is a trendy Halloween costume style for teens and young women. This type of witch costume is more closely fitted to the body than traditional "sack" style robes. Fabrics used in these costumes can be coated with glittery sparkles, and fancy lace can be used as a trim. The hemline can be short, long, or even layered. The finished look implies to a woman's date, "Hey, turning you into a toad is NOT what I want to do with you!" A flirty witch can be absolutely enchanting!

The witch costume in the picture to your left falls into the "flirty witch" category. Though it looks "sack-like" hanging from a tree, the midriff can be cinched tight to conform to the wearer's exact waistline. The longer-looking skirt's inner layers are made of see-through netting which shows off the wearer's leg from the lower thigh on down. Sleeves are made with a sparkly-but-sheer material.

Picture of vampire dress; crushed velvet and sheer lace are the main fabrics featured in this costume Since witch and vampire outfits are so very popular, many styles are made...for women. This is a good thing; you won't be "running into yourself" at parties! In the Vampira dress at right, the traditional "lady vampire" look is updated by several different means. Pink and blue accents liven up the black fabric. See-through lace is used for the sleeves, while a sheer netting which sparkles with pink and blue highlights is used as an overskirt. Crushed velvet is used for the main body of the costume, providing a trendy-but-elegant look.

With guy's vampire outfits, though, the costume pretty much revolves around the make sure it's a nice-looking one. Guys don't seem to worry as much about being seen in a costume that someone else is also wearing...and it's a good thing, because one men's vampire outfit looks pretty much like another. While wearing cool-looking makeup (and fake teeth!) is all part of the fun in choosing a Vampire outfit for Halloween, it's ESPECIALLY important for guys to concentrate on doing a great-looking, blood-drooling makeup job to distinguish themselves from other vampires at the party. In fact, if there's any rivalry or one-upmanship with guys in vampire suits, it's DEFINITELY "all about the makeup!"

Witch costume for you?

An enchanting witch or wizard costume adds magic to your Halloween celebration!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of witch, wizard, sorcerer & sorceress costumes for men, women, boys,and girls. As in the vampire slideshow above, these enchanting costumes are for sale at, a huge internet emporium with over 15,000 costumes, accessories and props. Here's a link to view all Wizard costumes and all witch costumes at Or, if you see a particular witch/wizard costume in the slide show above that you'd like to check out further, you may type its name into the costume search box below to get further information, including sizes available, price, included accessories, etc.

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Sewing witch & vampire costumes

1,) Girl's "cute witch" sewing patterns---

Picture of Witch costume's interesting jagged hemline, which looks both attractive and feminine 1.) A multi-layered skirt with jagged hemline is the most striking feature of Simplicity's #3680 cute witch pattern for girl's sizes 3 thru 8. An extra-wide belt which laces up like sneakers is another cute touch. Patches of vividly-colored fabric contrast with traditional black to create a cute and updated take on the traditional witch "look."

2.) Another cute witch costume has ruffles at the hemline and a tall, pointed witch hat (pattern included in the package.) It's McCall's girl's witch costume pattern M5728, which fits girls size 3 to 14. This witch dress also comes with a separate corset-style garment which laces up the front, which is worn over the top of the dress to add interesting detail.


If you need a simpler, quicker girl's witch pattern, try Simplicity witch dress pattern #3595, which comes in girl's sizes 3 through 8. This is a one-piece A-line dress that includes instructions for a long, flowing robe. A pointed witch hat and striped tights (which are shown in the photo for this pattern) are not included.

A more elegant girl's witch costume features a floor-length hemline and faux elbow-length gloves! It's McCall's girl's witch costume pattern M5494. In fact, it's such a nice dress that if you made it from pastel colors, it could serve as a princess costume! But, made in shades of black and green...and worn with a tall, pointed hat, it's definitely a beautiful witch's gown instead. It can be made in girl's sizes 3 to 14.

For more girl's witch costume ideas, please visit the Wizard of Oz Costumes page of this site. You'll find ideas for making Wicked Witch of the West and Good Witch Glinda on that page.

2.) Women's Flirty Witch patterns---

Are you looking for a sexy witch pattern that show's a bit of leg...but is still modest enough to wear to family Halloween parties? The first two witch costumes on the list below may be what you'd like to sew:

1.) Simplicity witch costume pattern #4015, in Misses sizes 10 through 24, is Simplicity's mini-skirted witch pattern. The one piece dress with gathered skirt is accompanied by a separate cape and a tall, pointed hat.

2.) Another mini-skirted witch pattern is Simplicity witch costume pattern #4046,Simplicity women's costume pattern #4046, in Misses sizes 6 through 20, features different details than the pattern above. Several layers of ruffles (made from pre-gathered trim) adorn the hemline, and a separate, cinch-able corset is worn over the basic dress for a stunning "layered look." A peasant style neckline add further intrigue. Witch hat is shown but not included.

Another sassy witch pattern comes as part of Simplicity's Wizard of Oz collection. Please visit the Wizard of Oz Costumes page of this site for details.

Traditional Witch Costume Patterns

Do you want a more traditional witch costume? If so, here are some of your options---

Wizard of Oz witch costume: One very traditional-looking teen & adult witch costume is included with Simplicity's Wizard of Oz pattern set, which includes not only the Wicked Witch pattern, but also Dorothy and Glinda the Good Witch costume patterns, as well. Sizes Miss 6 thru 22 can be made. Please visit the Wizard of Oz Costumes page of this site for details.

Plus-size only: An elegant long-robed witch costume can be made with Simplicity's costume pattern #2818, which fits women's sizes 18-32. You'll begin by making a simple, floor-length black sheath dress, over which you'll add a witch's robe made of a tantalizingly sheer fabric. Purchase a witch hat, and your outfit's complete.

Vampire Costumes

Vampire costumes have always been popular, but never moreso than they have been since the mega-hit series of Twilight books and movies were written & screened. If you'd like to be a vampire this Halloween, you'll have a greater selection of styles than ever before. In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of vampire costumes for men, women, boys, girls...and even dogs! All of these are for sale at, one of the internet's largest costume stores...and despite this large selection, there are still more. Here's a link to view all of the vampire costumes at Or, if you see a particular vampire costume in the slide show that you'd like to investigate further, simply type its name into the costume search box below to discover more details.

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1.) Vampire costumes for girls & women

Picture of Vampire costume's tall collar, which is worn separately from the dressUnfortunately, there are very few women's vampire costume patterns being offered this year.

1.) Simplicity women's vampire costume is Vampire pattern #2502. This floor-length skirt features see-through lace sleeves and a fitted midriff.

2.) Join the un-dead wearing a stylish classical look! This costume is now out-of-print, but if you like an elegant, classic floor-length vampiress dress, you'll like Simplicity vampire costume pattern #3613, in Misses sizes 4 to 20. (It can still be found on Ebay and other internet auction sites.) This pattern is perfect for creating the "vampiress of yore" look. Styled with an eye to centuries past, this vampire dress pattern can be updated with modern fabric & trim, or can be made to look as if you were born in days gone by. Note: this pattern is now out of print; once the supply runs out at, you should still be able to get it through EBay.

3 & 4.) Butterick also maked a classy-looking vampire pattern which has it now out of print. Butterick vampire costume #B4314 is the pattern number you should look for (on sources like Ebay.) It fits a wide range of ages from 7 through 16. The pattern features an elegant (but obviously vampire-looking) long dress, and has a separate tall collar which doubles as a necklace. (Similar to the collar/necklace in the adjacent picture.) A similar pattern is McCall's 4151, which is also out of print. It comes in both girl's amd misses sizes, and may occasionally be found on Ebay or crafts sites.

2.) Vampire & Wizard costumes for boys & men

Photo of vampire cape and suit for boys, a popular Halloween costume Wizard costumes---

1.) Men's wizard costume: Simplicity's men's wizard costume #2499, for men's sizes XS through XL, features both a flowing robe and tall wizard's cap.

2.) Another Simplicity men's wizard robe pattern is Simplicity wizard costume #9887, for sizes XS through XL. A pointed hat and wizard's voluminous robe is included with this pattern. Billowing sleeves make the wizard's look complete.

3.) Would-be wizards may also love the huge, billowing sleeves of McCall's wizard pattern M3789. This flowing, floor-length robe comes with either an attached hood...or a pointed hat; it's your choice. This pattern comes in sizes from Toddler 3 to Men's Extra-Large, making it extremely versatile. Fathers and sons may even conjure up some special Halloween memories together! Other pattern pieces include a tunic, loose pants and sash, if you would like to wear something underneath the robe besides your own everyday clothing.

4.) An evil wizard, perhaps? McCall's men's wizard pattern M5957 shows a model so sinister that he must certainly be up to no good! Suggested to be made in black with a blood red lining, this outfit looks somewhat like a wizard/vampire blend. But then...that's all up to you and the personal touches that you add! Unisex sizes from small through extra-large all come in the same package. Here's a link to view McCall's hooded robe costume pattern M5957.

Vampire costumes---

1.) Here's a boy's vampire costume which includes both a cape plus a tuxedo-like outfit underneath. It's McCall's boy's vampire pattern #M4617, for ages approximately 3 to 8 years. A classic long vampire high-collared cape, which should be lined in contrasting fabric, is the high point of this outfit's "look." Underneath, your son will wear an outfit which looks like a pair of formal pants with a long-sleeved blouse and vest...but it's actually a one-piece jumpsuit that's meant to be made with elegant fabrics and colors. Count Dracula himself couldn't have appeared this charming and debonair!

2.) McCalls makes a very classy-looking Dracula-style cape for men featuring the upturned vampire-style collar. (A hooded cape pattern also comes in the same package, if you prefer.) All sizes from adult small thru extra-large are included in the package. Although capes can be easy projects to make, this isn't going to be the easiest one that you'll find; a little big of sewing experience will be helpful. Here's a link to McCall's vampire cape M4139 so that you may take a look.

3.) In Simplicity's floor-length black vampire coat, just one glance will let onlookers know that you mean business! Whether you're headed to rid the earth of werewolves, or simply out for a snack of some fair maiden's blood, you'll be the most dashing vampire stalking the moonlit streets. The coat can be made of fabric or faux-leather. Supply your own boots and clothing under the coat to complete the finished look on the pattern package. Simplicity men's vampire pattern #5386 fits a wide range of chest sizes, from 30 to 48 inches.

4 & 5.) A baby or toddler's vampire costume in sizes 6 months to 4 years can be made with Simplicity's toddler costume pattern 2571. This pattern comes with pieces for making the high-collared Dracula cape and a pair of pants. You'll need to provide a shirt to go underneath, a bow tie, and a sash/cummerbund. This economical pattern comes with several other costumes, including a wizard, Little Bo Peep, and Little Red Riding Hood. For larger boy's sizes in this same style of costume, you'll want to use Simplicity's Dracula pattern 3595, which will fit boys ages 3 thru 8 years. A generic superhero and several girl's costumes come inside the same pattern envelope.

Vampire Costumes on EBay

Another place to get ideas for vampire and witch costumes is on the EBay auction website. In the EBay widget below, you'll see current auctions for vampire costumes and accessories. This widget updates itself throughout the that the next time you come back to this page, you'll find all-new vampire merchandise shown in the pictures!

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