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Woody's Halloween Roundup is now the

Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Carnival!

Picture: Woody, the Disney/Pixar Toy Story character, signs autographs after his performance at Woodys Halloween Roundup in Disneyland ParkWoody's Halloween Roundup is now the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Carnival!

Every year, Frontierland stages a Halloween celebration as part of "Halloween Time at Disneyland Park." The exact name and the exact features of the festival get updated every year or two. This year, the Big Thunder Ranch will be staging a Halloween carnival!

What activities will you enjoy at the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Carnival? Woody the cowboy is out...and Disney Villains are in! You'll be able to conjure up some of the famous bad guys & gals of popular Disney well as play various types of carnival games.

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies are performing a special Halloween musical-comedy act on the Big Thunder Ranch stage...and are these fellows ever talented! In addition to the carnival games & Billy Hill's show, what else will you enjoy? Pumpkin carving, a petting zoo, and plenty of fabulous seasonal decorating!

Where can you find the Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland Park? Head to the very back of Frontierland...out 'way behind the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster.

Big Thunder Ranch Carnival Activities

Picture: Woody's Halloween Roundup is also the spot to head for children's Halloween crafts activities As you can see in the photo of the banner (to your left,) you'll find children's crafts going on at the Woody's Halloween Roundup area, too.

If your child enjoys doing a bit of coloring, this will give you a chance to rest on the benches in the shade for awhile!

Picture: Disneyland Petting Zoo; a tame goat waits to be petted

Kids will also have fun petting the farm animals in a pen adjacent to Woody's Roundup. As you can see in the photo to your right, even the goats get in on the Halloween celebration by wearing a seasonal bandanna!

As most large and "politically correct" zoos are doing these days, young guests do NOT feed the animals here at Disneyland. Instead, they BRUSH the animals. Your toddlers won't stand much chance of being knocked over by a lively animal; the goats and sheep simply stand or lie still, for the most part.

Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Decorations

Photo of Jack o lanterns at Woody's Halloween Roundup at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA

Adults who have any interest at all in seasonal decorating will simply NOT be able to take their eyes off of the outstanding themed decor at Woody's Halloween Roundup.

You'll be able to get all sorts of ideas for making your OWN seasonal decorations, inspired by what the professionals have done at Disneyland Park! Whether you like to work with dried flowers, corn stalks, cute painted signs, hay bales, colorful Indian corn, gourds, etc, you'll find an example at Woody's Roundup!

Picture of Jack o lanterns at Woody's Halloween Roundup in Disneyland Park

Right next to Woody's Halloween Roundup, you'll be able to see a professional pumpkin carver at work making intricately designed Jack O Lanterns...many of which bear the image of a Disney or Pixar character!

A separate building in this area also houses cute pumpkin-headed scarecrows posed in vignettes. You can pose for pictures...and get still MORE ideas for seasonal decorating!

Toy Story's Woody on EBay

If your child likes Cowboy Woody, Cowgirl Jessie or other characters from the Disney-Pixar "Toy Story" movies, you'll be happy to know that toys and other merchandise featuring these cartoon characters are available at reasonable prices every day of the week on the Ebay auction website. Even better---they're often brand-new toys, but at a discount price from what you'd find at your neighborhood shopping center!

In the EBay widget below, you'll see a listing of auctions going on right now which feature Cowboy Woody toys & clothing. When one auction ends, another new one fills in to take its place!

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