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Bugs Bunny World at Magic Mountain

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Bugs Bunny World at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Bugs Bunny World is the "kiddieland" area of the theme park, full of rides and attractions that children---AND their families---will enjoy. You can see pictures of Looney Tunes-themed rides; the Canyon Blaster junior roller coaster; and other fun things to do when there are young kids in your group.

Enter Bugs Bunny's World through a giant sequoia tree!

Six Flags Magic Mountain General Sam Tree Bugs Bunny World, the charming children's ride-and-attraction area within Six Flags Magic Mountain has an entryway designed to enchant children...right through the trunk of a tree!

The tree in this photo is the General Sam Tree (named after the Looney Tune character, Yosemite Sam, of course!), and it's the world's tallest man-made tree! Standing 140 feet tall, you can't miss it as you stroll through High Sierra Territory.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Bugs Bunny World sign

When you see this sign (see the photo to your right), you'll know you're in Bugs Bunny World at Magic Mountain! As you can tell before you even enter this themed area, Looney Tunes characters reign here! You'll see pictures of the various characters on the rides and in the decor---Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the cat, Elmer Fudd, and others.

Costumed Looney Tunes characters, too!Sometimes at Bugs Bunny World, you'll also get a chance to meet 'n greet the "real" Looney Tunes characters themselves. Appearances are scheduled at intervals throughout the day; you never know which Looney Tunes character will show up!

If you like character greetings, another good place to find the Looney Tunes characters is in Six Flags Plaza, the "land" you'll enter after you pass through the theme park's turnstiles. Various Looney Tunes characters appear in Six Flags Plaza throughout the day. You're welcome to take snapshots with them free of charge. Or, you may use Magic Mountain's own photographer...for which you're only charged if you purchase some of the prints.

Thomas the Tank Engine area is now called the Whistle Stop!

Thomas Town train station at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California Thomas the Tank Engine fans can no longer see Thomas the Tank Engine at Magic Mountain...but kids will still have fun on the colorful attractions in the formar Thomas Town area. Thomas is no longer at the park, but...

The Whistle Stop area has opened at Magic Mountain instead!

This is not a large area of the park---it has only a few rides. Still, the attractions it has are well-done. Kids may still enjoy the cute train and miniature roller coaster that have been in this themed area.

Why is Thomas the Tank Engine no longer at Magic Mountain? It was simply a matter of cost-cutting. The creators of the popular Thomas characters needed to be paid royalties by the theme park.

Buggs Bunny World rides and attractions

Cute Looney Tunes kiddie rides set the stage for family fun!

Bugs Bunny's Fountain at Six Flags Magic Mountain Here's a photo of the Looney Tunes fountain, one example of the whimsical way that the Looney Tunes character theme is woven into the rides and structures within Bugs Bunny World at Magic Mountain.

So, what are some of the rides your child can enjoy here? Well, there's the Merrie Melodies Carousel, a miniature version of this popular type of ride. In fact, it's so small that only children 54" and UNDER can ride it!

The Pepe LePew's Tea Party ride (named after the love-sick Looney Tunes skunk, remember him?), is a traditional spinning-cup ride. Good news-- parents CAN go on this attraction with their children. In fact, it's a good idea. Without some muscle-power, it's hard to get those cups spinning around very fast!

Taz Truck ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain Remember that Looney Tunes' whirling bundle of energy, the Tasmanian Devil? This ride in Bugs Bunny World at Magic Mountain is named after him---Taz's Lumber Company. (Does that make sense? Would the Tasmanian Devil really have enough patience to drive a truck? Oh well...)

This darling ride winds through beautiful shady trees. It putters along at a slower pace, giving the small fry who weren't tall enough to drive back at Granny's Grand Prix (in High Sierra Territory) their turn at the wheel. As at Granny's Grand Prix, the truck stays on a track, making it error-free. Unlike Granny's, the ride is made strictly for the younger set, and parents wait behind at the gate.

Taz' Truck Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain Here's another view of the Taz's Lumber Company trucks in Bugs Bunny World at Magic Mountain. It's a scenic little ride, isn't it? Don't forget your camera! You're making memories here that can last forever!

So, what are some other rides in Bugs Bunny World at Magic Mountain? Well, there's "Daffy's Adventure Tours," a small bus that rises up into the air and comes back down again, gently circling a central point. First, the bus makes a few forward revolutions, and then it circles into the air backwards a few times. (You may have seen this mini-bus ride at other parks--it's not unique to 6 Flags. Knott's Berry Farm, for one, has a bus ride just like this.)

Elmer's Weather Balloons, Six Flags Magic Mountain Elmer's Weather Balloons are a flying-in-the-air ride in Bugs Bunny World at Magic Mountain. (Elmer's that Looney Tunes hunter who's always one step behind Bugs Bunny, brandishing his hunting rifle!) When your child boards his/her balloon, the ride whirls him around a central hub, sometimes up in the air, sometimes low to the ground. The balloons don't have their own individual controls...but there's another flying ride here that DOES...

...and that's Yosemite Sam's Flight School. Once again, the children twirl around a central hub, but this time they use their own control sticks to fly high or fly low.

Tweety's Escape, Six Flags Magic Mountain Believe it or not, the 6 Flags folks have come up with still a DIFFERENT way for children to fly around a central hub! This time, it's circling while in a cage.

The Tweety's Escape ride mimics the looks of Tweety's Bird Cage, with which we're all so familiar. He thinks he sees a "putty tat," so away he flys, cage and all! And THAT is the end of the twirly rides in Bugs Bunny World at Magic Mountain!

Looking for Foghorn Leghorn's Barn and petting zoo? There's sad news for all guests who used to enjoy Magic Mountain's petting zoo. The petting zoo closed in December, 2009. Thankfully, all the barnyard animals were placed at a local farm, and most of them are staying together as a group! (There were a few privately-owned animals which went back to their owners.)

The good news? Though we'll all miss the petting zoo, the good news is that it was closed to make way for other new & enjoyable attractions. Look forward to finding other fun for kids in this same section of Bugs Bunny World.



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