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Beautiful High Sierra Territory at Magic Mountain

In the above slide show, you're viewing pictures of the High Sierra Territory themed area at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It resembles a forest---how lovely it is! Discover the attractions you'll enjoy in this part of the park, including the famous Mooseburger Lodge restaurant.

Magic Mountain's log flume ride is gone, but the

Full Throttle coaster opened in June, 2013!

You're in the woodsy High Sierra Territory at Magic Mountain. The air smells like pine. Trees are soaring above your head. You feel like you've been transported to the Great Outdoors. Only, you don't stop to enjoy these feelings because your family is too busy running towards their favorite rides!

In High Sierra Territory, that "favorite ride" used to be the Log Jammer water flume ride.

The Log Jammer is now gone, much to the dismay of guests who enjoyed floating along through this scenic, tree-filled area of the park.

But, the Full Throttle roller coaster opened in Summer, 2013 in this same spot. It's sure to draw even bigger crowds than the Log Jammer for years to come...and for good reasons.

Full Throttle is a launched coaster that will shoot guests out onto the track to start their experience with jaw-dropping speed. In fact, Full Throttle has 3 separate launches, so you may enjoy zooming from 0 to 70 mph not just once...but SEVERAL times.

The highlight of Full Throttle is its giant loop, which (for awhile at least) is the world's tallest roller coaster loop!

Good Food at the Mooseburger Lodge!

Photo of the Six Flags Magic Mountain Mooseburger Lodge restaurant Many visitors think that the Mooseburger Lodge has Magic Mountain's best food! One thing's for sure---you may have to WAIT before you can eat here one a busy day! Be sure to stop in before you get too hungry to check the length of the waiting list.

At the Mooseburger Lodge, you'll have a choice--serve yourself from the all-you-can-eatbuffet, or order from a menu. Some of the Mooseburgr's menu items include ribs, BBQ beef, roasted chicken and well veggies, potatoes, breads and desserts.

Fun atmosphere: The Mooseburger Lodge is a fun place for kids to eat. The animal heads on the wall talk and sing songs at intervals! The decor inside looks like you've landed right in the middle of a beautiful National Park at Yellowstone or Yosemite.

Johnny Rockets Express nearby: If the Mooseburger Lodge has a crowd--or if you don't want a full meal--one of Magic Mountain's 3 Johnny Rockets locations is nearby. The Johnny Rocket's near Mooseburger serves a "limited menu." To order from the complete Johnny Rocket's menu, you'll need to head to the full-service location in the Colossus County Fair section of the park.

Golden Bear Theater

Photo of the Six Flags Magic Mountain Golden Bear Theater

The charmingly rustic building you see in the picture on your right is the Golden Bear Theater in High Sierra Territory at Magic Mountain. At times, this building hosts various productions---often special short-term programs, such as when the park hosts an occasional talent show or a visiting band. Or extra entertainment offerings for guests during the busy summer season. At other times, you'll pass by & find that nothing's going on here.



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