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Important Info about Los Angeles Flights and Airports

Picture: Southwest Airlines airplane in sky, as seen from the terminal

Welcome to "Los Angeles Flights," a section of this website which gives detailed information on the various airports around Metro LA. This page will be the "overview," and will tell you---

1.) The names and general locations of the various Southern California airports, along with links to pages which can give you details about each one.

2.) Airport security rules and regulations, a topic common to WHICHEVER airport you may eventually pick to use. Because of an attempted terrorist attack on August 10, 2006 in London, England, new--and stricter--security rules were put into place here in the USA.

List of major Los Angeles Airports

Los Angeles flights come into several regional airports in the metro area, and they are---

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX,) address is 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Directions to LAX: from I-405, take the Century Blvd exit and head west to the airport; signs clearly mark the way. Or, from I-105, take the Sepulveda Blvd exit and head north to the Los Angeles International Airport's entrance. Here's a Google map to LAX to help you find your way.

    Pages about LAX on this website include---1.) LAX general information and list of domestic airlines2.) LAX terminal diagram, car rentals, shuttles and other transportation3.) LAX list of international airlines and customs procedures at LAX4.) LAX Airport FAQs, which answers some questions which have been addressed to this website in the past

  • John Wayne International Airport, address (in Orange County) is 18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, California 92707. Directions: from I-405, take the MacArthur Blvd exit and head west one block to the airport's entrance. Here is a Google map to the John Wayne Airport if you would like to see the layout of the area.

  • Long Beach Airport, address is 4100 E Donald Douglas Dr Long Beach, CA 90808. Directions: From I-405, take the Lakewood Blvd exit and head north several blocks to the airport's entrance. Following is a Google map to the Long Beach Airport to help you get your bearings.

  • Burbank's Bob Hope Airport, address is 2627 N Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505. Directions: from I-5, take the Hollywood Way exit and head south. Here's a Google map to Burbank's Bob Hope Airport to help you find your way.

  • The Ontario Airport, address is 2222 E. Airport Drive Ontario, CA 91761. Directions: From I-10 in the Inland Empire area, take the Archibald Ave exit and head south to the airport's entrance. Here's a Google map to the Ontario Airport to help you get an idea of its location.

Other major Southern California airports

1.)Palm Springs International Airport, address is 3400 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262. There are several routes to reach the airport, depending on your starting point. Please use the following Google map to the Palm Springs Airport to help you find this important Riverside County traveler's destination.

2.) Lindbergh Field/San Diego International Airport, address is 3225 N Harbor Dr San Diego, CA 92101. From Interstate 5 in downtown San Diego, follow the well-marked signs. Here's a Google map to Lindgergh Field to give you a visual orientation to this waterfront airport's location.

3.) Santa Barbara Airport, address is 500 Fowler Road Santa Barbara, CA 93117. Directions: from the 101 Freeway heading north to the suburb of Goleta, take the Fairview Ave exit and head south to the airport's entry. (Fairview Ave turns into Fowler Road along the way.) Here's a Google map to the Santa Barbara Airport if you need help finding this location.

Los Angeles Flights: Understanding Airport Security Rules

Carry on luggage restrictions are numerous!

USA Has Tough Carry-On Luggage Restrictions! Back on August 10, 2006, carry-on luggage restrictions in the USA were increased tremendously. Whereas the former restrictions for carry-on bags didn't affect most travelers very much, the new regulations have adversely affected virtually every air traveler, both for business and pleasure. At first, there were no liquids or gels of any kind allowed on any US flights during the strictest part of the ban. This was a major inconvenience for travelers because EVERY traveler needed the items on the "do not bring" list; common toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorants. Travelers trying to make their journeys only with carry-on luggage were hit the hardest...since travelers checking bags could at least put liquids in their checked luggage.

Thankfully, the US air security rules have eased up enough to allow travelers to bring small amounts of liquids aboard the plane in their carry-on baggage. That doesn't mean it's going to be easy to comply, though! You'll have think ahead when you're packing for the simple reason that most people don't have the required sizes of personal products just "sitting around" their homes. There's going to be a big boom in business for the makers of travel-sized products...and here's why:

The new rules state that you can only bring 3 ounces or under of any given product. You may bring up to 3 oz of deodorant, 3 oz of toothpaste, 3 oz of perfume, etc. You may buy small travel-sized versions of your favorite toiletries, OR you may buy small plastic travel bottles and pour contents from your bigger, full-sized bottles that you already have at home. Either way, though, you'll have to plan ahead for your packing...and I mean, plan ahead more than one or two hours, like some last-minute travelers do!

After you get the liquid and gel items you want to bring on board the plane either bought (or poured into their small 3-ounce-or-less containers), THEN you must take your collection of containers and place them all into a ONE CLEAR PLASTIC ZIP LOCK BAG. You only get to bring ONE of these clear plastic bags on board the plane, so you must carefully choose which items to bring.

  • For a complete list from the TSA government security agency of what you can and cannot bring aboard, you may use the following link to the detailed listing of what can and can't be brought on board (on the TSA Website.)

    Los Angeles Flights: Items banned on US Flights

    In case you didn't want to follow the links above, here is a fairly complete list of the carry-on items banned on all US flights---including, of course, Los Angeles flights. You can just give the list a quick scan to get a "general idea" of items which ARE...and are NOT...allowed.

    Here's that list of contraband items for you---

  • Weapons---including mace, pepper spray, and martial arts supplies, as well as the more traditional guns and knives
  • Knives of ALL kinds, not just those of "weapons" style. And, nothing with a retractable blade, either.
  • Box cutters
  • Ice picks, knitting needles
  • Straight razors
  • Metal scissors with a point
  • Corkscrews
  • Lighters, lighter fluid, and strike-anywhere matches (but up to 4 books of safety matches are allowed)
  • Baseball (and other sports) bats
  • Golf clubs
  • Pool cues
  • Ski poles
  • Hockey sticks
  • Pressurized aerosol containers (spray cans)
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Dangerous chemicals, including (but not limited to) bleach, poisons, and corrosives (like lye)
  • Radioactive materials
  • Infectious materials

    Yes, it's a long list...but all the items on it make sense. Any of these forbidden items could be used to disrupt a flight. As a passenger wanting to get to your destination safely, you surely want to avoid problems with fellow travelers with bad intentions on their minds!

    Los Angeles Flights: Still MORE US airport security rules and regulations!

    That's ALMOST all of the security warnings...but wait! Here are just a few more rules you need to know for your family's Los Angeles flights!

    • Everyone must now take off their shoes to go through the airport inspection! It wasn't so long ago that you had an option. But no more! Now, even shoes that couldn't possibly make the metal detector beep...such as rubber flip flops...must be taken off and sent through the x-ray machines.

    • Packing a remote control? When packing for children, it's best not to bring any toys which use remote controls, because remote controls could possibly be used to detonate a bomb...and, therefore, come under close scrutiny.

    • Passport rules for US Citizens: US travelers returning to the country...even from Canada...must remember to have a valid passport on hand, or else be denied re-entry. Though this rule actually took effect in January 2007, it wasn't enforced for most of the year because the backlog of passport applicants was too great for many travelers to have received their passports in a reasonable length of time before their vacations. Now, the "leeway period" has expired, and you must now have passports.

    • Don't wrap up your gifts! It's not allowed, because the inspectors need to inspect. So, all your hard work--and expense--will go for nothing if they have to unwrap your packages.

    • Don't lock your suitcases. Yes, that concerns me, and I'm sure it makes YOU feel uncomfortable, too. Alas, though it's an unavoidable rule we must follow. (Fortunately, nothing has been stolen from---nor contraband ADDED TO---my luggage yet since the rules took place, and I hope that's true for you, too.) HOWEVER, there ARE a very few TSA government-approved locks available. You CAN use one of these special locks. You'll find them for sale, generally, at travel supply stores or sometimes in the shops at airports.

    • Place undeveloped film in your carry-on luggage. Yes, carry-ons are x-rayed, too, but the xrays at the carry-on inspection station won't harm film, while the x-rays used for inspecting baggage will.

    • Ticketed passengers with boarding passes are the ONLY ones allowed to the boarding gate. You'll have to say goodbye to your loved-ones before the security checkpoint. (See the section on "Unaccompanied minors" for exceptions to this rule.)

    • Your carry-on items will be limited to one small bag plus one personal item. This item might be a purse, briefcase, camera bag, laptop, diaper bag---or even a paper bag. I find it best to only bring items small enough to fit under the seat ahead of me. If you have to get into the overhead luggage bins as you're trying to leave the plane, it can be a big hassle---especially if that bag has been stored somewhere other than directly over your head. Exiting a plane is as close to being in a cattle stampede as I ever care to be!

    That's it for the information. Have a wonderful flight to Southern California! Your landing will be an exciting start to your visit here---seen from the air, greater Los Angeles seems fascinatingly HUGE by day, and simply beautiful (with its many colorful lights) by night!

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