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The Los Angeles Theme Parks

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Southern California's 7 exciting theme parks! Which should you visit? That depends on the ages and interests of your family members. But, real true-blue theme park fans won't want to stop until they've visited ALL of them!

Here's a list of major Southern California Theme Parks

Picture: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland Park in CaliforniaWhat are the 7 major Southern California theme parks? Here's a list!

1.) Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California

2.) Universal Studios Hollywood, in Universal City (Hollywood area)

5.) Knott's Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park

4.) Disneyland Park in Anaheim, Orange County

5.) Disney's California Adventure Park, situated side-by-side with the original Disneyland

6.) Legoland California, in Carlsbad, north San Diego Co.

7.) Sea World San Diego, the original Sea World park

On the rest of this page, you'll get an overview of the theme parks. You'll have a tough decision which one of them you'd like to visit first!

List of Southern California theme parks

1.) Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Picture: X2 roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain 6 FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN in Valencia, California! Teens love Magic Mountain---it's Southern California's thrill ride capital! Yet, parents head here to enjoy a wide variety of tamer attractions with their tots and elementary-school-aged children.

Located in Valencia, at the northernmost tip of Metro Los Angeles, Magic Mountain is the roller coaster capital--not just of the Los Angeles theme parks---but of the whole Western USA!

The picture of Magic Mountain's X2 roller coaster to your left shows you the current King of Coasters at this Six Flags location. This terrorizing coaster raises you, drops you, and even spins you upside down in circles! Grown men have been known to scream like school kids on the X2 coaster...but they keep coming back for more!

Yet, 6 Flags doesn't forget they younger set, either. "Bugs Bunny World" is a large, attractive kiddie-ride area in the park. Thomas Town recently joined the lineup of Magic Mountain's children's attractions, too. And, in addition, there are rides that the whole family can enjoy together scattered throughout the park.

Frequent discount offers and a VERY reasonably-priced season pass make Six Flags Magic Mountain affordable as well as fun.

See the Six Flags Magic Mountain rides & attractions pages now! Or, check out the following links to see the Six Flags Magic Mountain Hours of Operation; to get a road map and directions to Six Flags Magic Mountain's theme park; or to find out about Magic Mountain Discount Ticket programs.

Los Angeles Theme Parks

2.) Universal Studios Hollywood!

Photo of Universal Studios Hollywood in Southern California UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD, in Universal City, California! Discover behind-the-set secrets of movie making on your next family vacation getaway!

This fascinating theme park is right in the heart of Los Angeles, close to all the famous landmarks of Hollywood.

For many adults traveling without kids in tow, Universal Studios Hollywood is the "must-see" theme park. Universal's tour of its movie studio sets and exciting demos of Hollywood filming secrets give the adult mind something to chew on...and to be fascinated with.

Yet, Universal Studios is ALSO a family park, with several family-oriented rides, and a number of engrossing live shows. Universal Studio's shows often take place in huge, stadium-style arenas which hold hundreds of people at a time---which keeps YOUR waiting time to nearly zilch!

When you're done at the Universal Studios theme park itself, you can explore the adjacent Universal City Walk, a smorgasbord of shopping, dining and entertainment options. City Walk's intriguing architecture alone is enough to keep visitors entranced!

See the Universal Studios Hollywood rides & attractions pages now! Or, you can use the following links to see a road map and get directions to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park; or learn about Universal Studios Discount Tickets.

Orange County Theme Park:

3.) Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park!

Picture: Knott's Berry Farm roller coaster, the Xcelerator! KNOTT'S BERRY FARM in Buena Park, California! Discover the thrill ride capital of Orange County! Knott's Berry Farm offers you and your teens some terrific, scream-inducing thrill rides (as you can tell by the picture of Knott's XCelerator roller coaster to your right!) Yet, Knott's Berry Farm also has scads of attractions that the whole family can enjoy together.

You'll find family-friendly rides scattered throughout the park, PLUS there's a very large kiddie-ride section called "Camp Snoopy." Join Charley Brown, Lucy, Linus...and, of course, Snoopy the lovable beagle, in themed rides, shows and attractions meant for the whole family to enjoy.

Not only are there thrills to be found at Knott's...the history buffs in your family will LOVE the museum-quality collection of old Western buildings and Indian dwellings.

Hungry? Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant is been a taste-tempting favorite of local diners and visitors alike.

Deals and special pricing after 4 p.m. daily make Knott's Berry Farm an affordable--as well as fun--theme park option.

See the Knott's Berry Farm rides & attractions pages now! If you'd rather, you can use the following links to get directions to Knott's Berry Farm, plus Knotts Berry Farm's theme park hours; or find out about Knott's Discount Tickets.

Orange County Theme Park:

4.) Disneyland Park!

Photo of the Mad Teacup Ride in Fantasyland at Disneyland Park (Anaheim, California) DISNEYLAND PARK in Anaheim, California! This world-renowned wonderland is the granddaddy of modern theme parks AND the single-most important reason why out-of-staters visit Southern California.

Disneyland! Just the mere mention of its name brings a tear of nostalgia to many folks' eyes! Of all the theme parks in the entire world, attendance figures at Disneyland Anaheim are 2nd only to its sister park, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

You'll find your favorite Disney characters here...and many of the same rides that YOU enjoyed as a child. In my own case, 4 generations of our family have enjoyed Disneyland Park...and my family is not unusual, by any means. It's a real family-bonding experience to many folks just "being here." Yet, the many family-oriented rides and attractions are sure to please even first-time visitors to the park.

Brand-new Disneyland Park guests will want to check out the Disneyland Resort section of this website, where they'll see photos and get an "overview" about this resort's 2 theme parks, its 3 hotels and its Downtown Disney dining & entertainment district. Or, if you're interested strictly in visiting the Disneyland theme park itself, you may head directly to the Disneyland Theme Park section, where you'll get a photo-filled overview of the park's themed areas. Or, you may prefer simply to read the "practical" information about Disneyland Park. If so, you may use the following link to discover the Disneyland Park hours of operation...or other links to view Disneyland maps and get road directions; or find out about Disneyland Discount Tickets.

Orange County Theme Park:

5.) Disney's California Adventure theme park!

The beautiful Sunwheel ride at Disney's California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, California DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE THEME PARK in Anaheim, California! The newest of the Los Angeles theme parks is right across a pedestrian plaza from Disneyland Park. Disney's California Adventure is "one-of-a-kind"---none of the other Disney parks are quite like it!

Disney's California Adventure Park recently finished a billion-dollar expansion...and so now many of the park's features are brand new! Popular new attractions include:

  • World of Color nighttime spectacular of fountains, lights and music
  • The Little Mermaid indoor dark ride
  • Toy Story shooting gallery ride
  • Amazing new "Cars Land" themed area that's replica of Radiator Springs!

    Be sure to view our collection of Cars Land pictures here! Or, get an overview of all the Disney California Adventure rides & attractions. Or, discover the upcoming Disney California Adventure hours of operation.

    Los Angeles Area Theme Parks

    6.) Legoland California!

    Photo of a unique ride at Legoland California theme park in San Diego County

    LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA in Carlsbad, California! Northern San Diego County hosts an ENTIRE THEME PARK for kids under 12 and their families! Adults--myself included--seem most fascinated by the Lego re-creations of a number of US cities and regions...New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, Southern California, New England and Washington DC.

    But, Legoland's mini-cities are only a PART of all the intriguing Lego creations you'll see throughout the park. Kids, of course, go for the rides...and there's rides for everyone from toddlers to coaster-lovers. This is an enchanting park that any family with young children will be certain to enjoy. See the Legoland California rides & attractions pages now! Or, find out about Legoland Discount Tickets!

    Los Angeles Area Theme Parks

    7.) Sea World San Diego!

    SEAWORLD SAN DIEGO, in San Diego, California! Animal-lovers---this is your special theme park! You'll see live shows featuring trained whales, dolphins, sea lions and walruses---and even one show highlighting the trained antics of cats, dogs and other "pet" animals! You'll enjoy museum-quality exhibits of live penguins, manatees, sharks, and polar bears. There are touch-tanks where kids love to pet the starfish and rays. There are even a couple of rides that they family can enjoy together.

    What child DOESN'T love animals? So, what child WON'T love SeaWorld San Diego?

    Want to find a deal on admission tickets? Check our Sea World San Diego Discount Tickets page if you'd like to discover good ways to save money on your theme park visit. And, do you love Shamu the whale, Sea World's famous mascot? Then, you'll want to check out our Shamu pictures and SeaWorld's whale training techniques page.

    So, which of the Los Angeles Theme Parks will YOU visit? Can't decide? No problem! Try them ALL!

    Los Angeles Theme Park Discount Tickets

    All of the Southern California theme parks offer discounts of one kind or another. Each theme park offers its own discounts (for example, limited-time specials or season passes) and also partners with outside companies to provide discounts. To help you discover more about the types of discount offers available for each amusement park, you'll find a "discount tickets" page in each individual theme park's section of this website.

    Here's a list of "discount tickets" pages on this website, where you'll find each individual theme park's current deals and specials:

    1.) Disneyland Discount Tickets for out-of-town guests

    2.) Disneyland Discounts for Local Residents

    3.) Knott's Berry Farm Discount Tickets

    4.) Legoland Discount Tickets

    5.) SeaWorld Discount Tickets

    6.) Six Flags Magic Mountain Discount Tickets

    7.) Multi-park discounts-- All of the Southern California theme parks are members of one or two multiple-attraction discount plans. These theme parks realize that almost all out-of-town tourists visit more than one attraction on their California vacations...and offer you incentives to put THEIR theme park on YOUR "must do" list!

    NOTE: The's theme park section is tourist-oriented, showing photos of the attractions at Southern California's various theme parks, along with the details families need for planning vacations to the area. However, if you're looking for more technical, business-related information concerning theme parks, there's a good site that you'll want to know about. The website details the very latest information about amusement park business worldwide, dealing amusement park equipment & supply as well as the amusement park design & construction. Blooloop is a comprehensive online theme park resource you'll enjoy if you really want to know about the nuts & bolts of the amusement industry.

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