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Six Flags Magic Mountain---

Southern California's scream capital!

In the slide show pictures of Magic Mountain above, you'll see photos of all sorts of fun you can have at the Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia, California (mtro Los Angeles.) Six Flags Magic Mountain is the West Coast's roller coaster capital, where you'll find the exciting X2 roller coaster, Scream coaster, Deja Vu roller coaster, Tatsu flying coaster, the Riddler's Revenge, Revolution, Goliath, Viper and Colossus...and more!

Six Flags has fun family rides, too!

Picture: Goliath Roller Coaster ascends the lift hill at Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles, California In addition to this theme park's many exciting roller coasters, Magic Mountain is also a great park for enjoying tamer, kid-friendly rides and entertainment!

On this page, you'll see photos and get details about the 6 Flags Magic Mountain's attractions. And after browsing through THIS page, you'll find still MORE photos and information on the next few pages---everything you'll need to plan a family getaway vacation to Six Flags in California is here!

You may take an on-line tour of Magic Mountain's various themed areas---including pictures of rides and descriptions of the attractions you'll find at the park. Next, you'll come to the Magic Mountain "vacation planning" pages and discover important practical information like ticket prices, hours of operation, and maps to help you arrive at Six Flags Magic Mountain without getting lost! If you want to stay at a hotel near Magic Mountain, you'll also find information about the hotels in the LA suburb of Valencia, California...which are the very closest hotels to this Six Flags park.

Note: in the picture of the Goliath roller coaster to your left, you see coaster-fans beginning their long climb to the top...before they begin their hair-raising plunge downwards!

The Six Flags Magic Mountain Themed Areas

Six Flags Plaza

Photo: Magic Mountain souvenir store in the Six Flags Plaza themed area SIX FLAGS PLAZA--- This cute turn-of-the-century themed area at Six Flags Magic Mountain is where guests both ENTER and LEAVE the park.

As you can see in the picture of a Six Flags Magic Mountain gift shop to your right---the attractive buildings within Six Flags Plaza sport an old-time "nostalgic" look. You'll find several gift shops in the Six Flags Plaza themed area, along with several places to snack. There are several family attractions in this area, too...such as the kiddie favorite carousel, and the popular Orient Express transportation system.

When you're ready to have fun in other areas of Six Flags, it's time to leave Six Flags Plaza and visit the other themed "lands." Take the path leading TO YOUR RIGHT going out of the Plaza...and you'll come to High Sierra Territory---home of the popular "Log Jammer" log flume ride!

Six Flags Magic Mountain's "High Sierra Territory"

Picture: Picturesque carved-wood High Sierra Territory sign HIGH SIERRA TERRITORY--- This beautiful, woodsy themed area features tons of trees...just like California's High Sierra mountains. The sign at the entry of the area is actually an intricate chain-saw sculpture! You'll see architecture featuring rough-hewn timbers and stone work.

You'll find the Mooseburger Lodge...a dining facility which some park guests consider to be the best restaurant at Magic Mountain! During the park's busier periods, you'll be able to enjoy a special treat in addition to the Mooseburger's regular menu service...and that something special is a hot buffet, piled high with some of your family's favorite foods.

Also in High Sierra Territory, you'll find several rides that are suitable for almost all but the youngest children in the family to enjoy! Sadly the popular Log Jammer log flume ride is now gone...but in its place is rising a spectacular new launched coaster...Full Throttle!

As you leave High Sierra Territory, you'll step through a giant sequoia tree...and on the other side of it, you'll find Bugs Bunny World. Here's where toddlers, preschoolers and grade-school aged kids want you to take them for THEIR type of fun!

Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Bugs Bunny World"

Photo of Yosemite Sam's Flight School, a kiddie ride in the Bugs Bunny World themed area of Magic Mountain Here's where you'll find rides, rides, and still more rides to delight your small fry! Bugs Bunny World at Six Flags Magic Mountain has a number of whimsically-decorated attractions that will gently spin, bounce, and twirl your youngster to his/her heart's content. It's a great place to take family photos, too---colorful decorations and "Looney Tunes" character signs make it easy to snap a good shot here!

In addition to kiddie rides, you'll be able to enjoy a live show and watch your children cavort in a GIANT sized play structure which features "canons" that fire sponge balls. Want to make a bet that your kids will aim straight for you? Better duck!

However, if you DON'T have young children in your group, you'll want to bypass Bugs Bunny World and keep going until you get to a themed area called Colossus County Fair. At the "fair," you'll find a trio of Magic Mountain's most popular roller coasters!

Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Colossus County Fair"

Picture: Scream Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia, California COLOSSUS COUNTY FAIR--- The Colossus County Fair area of Six Flags Magic Mountain doesn't have rides for toddlers. But if your has kids who are just a bit older, come check out the attractions here!

The infamous Lex Luthor Drop of Doom ride is here...where you can terrify yourself by boarding not only the tallest drop tower ever!

You'll find 3 hair-raising roller coasters: "Scream," one of the newer coasters in the park; "Goliath," the monstrously tall coaster that thrill ride fans ADORE; and the old-favorite "Colossus" wooden roller coaster (for whom this section of 6 Flags was named.) Note: To your left, you're looking at a picture of the "Scream" roller coaster.

In addition to rides, Colossus County Fair is home to a theater which stages a live production during the busier months of the year. In years past, the theater has hosted an ice skating show, a magic show, a lively showcase of Chinese acrobatics and a CSI crime case. Who knows what's coming next? The Six Flags folks keep rotating the offerings to keep park guests interested in coming back for more!

After discovering the delights of the Colossus County Fair, then you'll move onto the Magic Mountain themed area: DC Universe, the stomping grounds of comic book superheroes!

Six Flags Magic Mountain's "DC Universe"

Picture: Green Lantern roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California DC UNIVERSE--- Suddenly, you're in Batman's and Superman's world!

The Green Lantern roller coaster awaits you here, where the action isn't fast, but gets its thrill-power from turning you upside down as your ride car makes its way along the track.

A popular and time-tested favorite in this themed area of Six Flags Magic Mountain is "Batman the Ride," a coaster where you hang suspended from a looping, swirling track as you go flying through the air! After conquering Batman, you may do some Caped Crusader-themed shopping, and ride several other family-oriented attractions.

Don't forget to check out the themed details of DC Universe! You'll find a phone booth where Superman has left behind Clark Kent's attire while he races to fight another injustice in Metropolis! And, don't forget to have a roasted ear of corn while you're visiting; after all, the Kent family farm has a corn stand here!

Once you've finished immersing yourself in the lore of Batman and his world of crime-fighting, you'll be ready to procede to...

"The Movie District" at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Photo of the Riddler's Revenge roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Southern California THE MOVIE DISTRICT--- In The Movie District, you'll find two more roller coasters: Riddler's Revenge and the Gold Rusher. (Yes--Six Flags Magic Mountain DOES want to be the "Coaster King. Coasters are everywhere in the park!") The thrilling "Riddler's Revenge is the coaster shown in the photo to your left.

A stunt show theater is also located here in The Movie District. During the busier times of the year, you'll be able to enjoy a live show featuring plenty of action. The show's theme changes every year or that you'll never know what's coming next!

It'll take you awhile to enjoy everything this section of the park has to offer. Then, you'll want to move on to...

"Cyclone Bay at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Picture: Magic Mountain's fun Apocalypse wooden roller coaster CYCLONE BAY--- Do you like to play carnival games? If so, you'll be glad to know that as you enter the Cyclone Bay themed area, you'll wander through a maze of arcade games. You can test your skill and, perhaps, win one of the adorable stuffed animals that are given as prizes here!

After you've won a few prizes for the kids, you'll move ahead to an exciting roller coasters here in Cyclone Bay---the formidable wooden coaster called "Apocalypse." Apocalypse is smooth & fast...and a favorite ride of many park visitors.

You'll also find several "extra-fee" attractions in this area, including a raceway that seems to be a perennial favorite with car-lovers. Visit our Cyclone Bay page for the whole scoop!

After you leave Cyclone Bay, you'll trek up, up, up the big "mountain" for which Six Flags Magic MOUNTAIN is named! Upon reaching the summit, you'll be in the Rapids Camp Crossing themed area. This area is memorable for its cooling...DRENCHING, actually!...white water rapids ride, arcade games, and the entrance to the Tatsu roller coaster line. Strangely enough, however, Tatsu is officially located in the "Samurai Summit" themed area...which we'll talk about next.

Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Samurai Summit"

Picture: Tatsu roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California Samurai Summit--- The Samurai Summit themed area of 6 Flags Magic Mountain is home to the park's unique "flying" roller coaster, Tatsu! Riding Tatsu is an unusual experience in coaster-riding, because of the strange position you'll take once you're firmly secured into one of the ride cars: you'll be lying down!

Another popular ride in Samurai Summit is Superman, Escape from Krypton, a daring tower ride which shoots guests high into the air at speeds approaching 100 mph---then DROPS them back to earth quite literally: this is a free-fall ride!

Other attractions in Samurai Summit include the tamer family roller coaster, Ninja, plus a souvenir shop where you may buy Superman-themed items and other memorabilia you may take home as a souvenir of your exciting Magic Mountain adventures.

Baja Ridge at 6 Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain's Viper Roller Coaster BAJA RIDGE--- The Baja Ridge area of Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to the absolutely WILDEST roller coaster in the park--the infamous "X2!" Formerly called "X--No Limits," this terrifying roller coaster has been updated with new special effects. The ride is unique in the world of roller coasters...and more terrorizing than most, too!

Another thrilling roller coaster in the Baja Ridge themed area is "Viper," a photo of which you can see to your left. In addition, Baja Ridge is also home to the oldie-but-goodie "Revolution," which was one of the very first looping coaster ever built! Be sure to check out our Baja Ridge page to find out all the details of this can't-miss themed area at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Once you've discovered Baja Ridge, then that's all of our virtual overview tour of the park itself. Once you're finished experiencing the thrills of Baja Ridge, you will have completed Six Flags Magic Mountain's circular path through its rides and attractions, and you'll find yourself back at Six Flags Plaza! Time to shop---if you still have the energy!!

Magic Mountain -- Still MORE info!

After you've seen pictures and discovered all the rides in Magic Mountain's themed areas, there's still more information you might want to know. Things like address, or hours of operation. Or hotels you might stay in while visiting the theme park. Here's a list of other useful pages about Six Flags Magic Mountain that you can use to help plan your trip here---

1.) Magic Mountain Discount Tickets, a page about less-expensive ways to gain admission to this 6 Flags theme park.

2.) Magic Mountain Contact Info, the page to head when you want to know Magic Mountain's phone number, or if you need the address & directions to the amusement park.

3.) Magic Mountain Hours, where you'll find the 6 Flags Magic Mountain opening time and closing time.

4.) Magic Mountain Hotels, where you may get info about "where to stay" in and near Valencia, California.

5.) Budget Hotels near Magic Mountain, where you'll discover how to save money on your vacation by staying in less expensive hotels in the Magic Mountain area.



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