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Six Flags Plaza themed area--

Gateway to Your Day of Fun at Magic Mountain

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Six Flags Plaza at Magic Mountain. As you can tell from the pictures of Looney Toons characters in the slides, Six Flags Plaza is a great place for meeting characters at the theme park. Six Flags Plaza is also the home of a Looney Tunes show that your kids will love, too. It's also an area full of restaurants & snack shops, plus stores for buying both Six Flags and Looney Tunes merchandise

Six Flags Plaza--Gateway to Fun!

Six Flags Magic Mountain---View from plaza
You've bought your ticket, you've passed through "security," and now you've entered...6 Flags Plaza!

The first thing you notice is a beautiful view of the mountain which gives Magic MOUNTAIN its name.

Atop the heights, you'll see the attractive Sky Tower, and running alongside the hill, intertwined with the beautiful green trees, you'll see the Revolution Roller Coaster.

The Revolution roller coaster (also seen in the photo), actually has historical significance---it was the first modern looping roller coaster! Installed during the bicentennial year of 1976, it was originally called "The Great American Revolution" to honor the special patriotic occasion.

Picture: SixFlags Magic Mountain's Sky Tower

Revolution hugs the mountain as it loops, twists and drops along its 1,900-foot-long course, reaching speeds up to 35 MPH. (Thrill-lovers, don't worry---it FEELS faster!)

To your right, you're viewing a picture of the Six Flags Sky Tower, one of the theme park's landmark structures.

The Sky Tower can be seen from many of Magic Mountain's themed areas, but the view from Six Flags Plaza is the most famous. Thousands of tourists each year stop by the plaza's lovely flower-rimmed fountain to take family photos with the water, the roller coasters and the Magic Mountain Tower in the background!

Looney Toon Characters in Six Flags Plaza

Picture of Wile E Coyote at Six Flags Magic Mountain You can meet Looney Tunes characters at Magic Mountain!

Six Flags Plaza, right after you enter the theme park, is a place where you're quite likely to find one of the Looney Tunes costumed characters strolling about no matter what time of the day it is. Many families consider getting a pictures with one of the characters a "must do" activity!

To your left, you can see a picture of Wile E. Coyote at Magic Mountain. You may remember that this wiley coyote was Road Runner's nemesis...always using unusual Acme brand gadgets to try to catch the fast-moving bird (but always becoming the victim of his own evil deeds, in the end!)

There is no set schedule of which Looney Toons character you will meet. For example, in the slide show you saw a picture of Petunia Pig greeting guests in Six Flags Plaza...but Wile E Coyote was NOT there that day. Who knows which Looney Toons character you will meet...but you're sure to have fun and come away with some zany photos.

It's free to take photos with the Looney Toons characters if you use your own camera. Or, you may have the Magic Mountain photographer take your picture, and you'll only be charged if you decide to purchase prints of the photo.

Picture of Bugs Bunny at the Looney Toons show in Six Flags Plaza at Magic Mountain

Looney Tunes Show

You can also see Looney Tunes characters at a live show in Six Flags Plaza!

You'll be able to see Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and/or other Looney Tunes characters at this partially-interactive show (which has a segment where a number of kids from the audience are recruited to come on stage to participate in the activities.)

Check the showtimes for the Looney Tunes show in front of the theater before you begin your day. You'll pass the Warner Brothers Kids Club theater on your way to the other themed areas of the park, including Bugs Bunny World (the must-visit area for parents with young children.) You can see a picture of Bugs Bunny performing in this show in the image to your right.

Where else can you meet characters at Magic Mountain?

1.) Looney Toons characters make appearances on & off throughout the day at the Bugs Bunny Land kiddie area of the park.

2.) To meet Batman & Robin, and/or other DC Comics characters, you'll want to hang out by the DC Universe themed area of the park.

3.) Magic Mountain Summer Parades: Your kids will also get a chance to see characters during the 6 Flags summertime parades at the park. Visitors heading into the theme park will want to look for a schedule of shows and events in order to have the family ready & waiting for the action to begin!

The Six Flags Grand Carousel

Six Flags Magic Mountain Grand Carousel Another beautiful sight in Six Flags Plaza is the Grand Carousel, a vintage 1912 work of art that was restored for Magic Mountain when it opened in 1971. Especially when it glows with hundreds of lights after dusk, as in this Magic Mountain carousel picture to your left, it's as much a feast for the eyes as it is fun for the youngsters in your group.

Magic Mountain's Grand Carousel features hand-carved horses

To your right is a close-up photo of one of the hand-carved horses on the antique Grand Carousel. Each horse on the carousel was painstakingly-made one at a time in a day when carousel craftmanship was considered an art form. Each steed is as much a pleasure to look at as it is to ride!

Picture: Six Flags Magic Mountain carousel under shady trees

The Six Flags carousel is nestled amongst a grove of green, leafy trees.

Even in the heat of summertime, it feels refreshing to look at the carousel's idyllic setting and to rest in this shady, tranquil area of the park.

Six Flags and Looney Tunes Merchandise

Picture of Batman Cape you can buy at Six Flags Magic Mountain At the end of your visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain, you may wish to save some time to visit the cute shops in Six Flags Plaza. One gift shop, "Flags," sells Six Flags-themed souvenirs, while The Looney Tunes Super Store offers a wide selection of Looney Tunes character merchandise, ranging from simple trinkets (such as pens and refrigerator magnets) to a wide range of clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc for everyone in the family.)

Batman capes are one of the most popular souvenirs sold at Magic Mountain! You can see a picture of a Batman cape from Magic Mountain to your left. These are fun & inexpensive souvenirs of your day at the theme park. Many families with kids buy these capes to use for Halloween costumes or for the "dress-up" box. Nevertheless, you'll find men, women, boys and girls of all ages getting them...and sometimes wearing them throughout their park visit! The capes actually come in a number of sizes, so be sure to get a short one if you're buying the cape for kids, or a longer Batman cape if you're making the purchase for a teen or adult.

Superman capes are also available, as well as capes for other DC Comics Superheroes...including Wonderwoman, the Flash and pink "Supergirl" capes.

Picture: Tweety Bird dress from Six Flags Magic Mountain Looney Tunes clothing is also a popular purchase at Six Flags Magic Mountain stores. You'll find T-shirts in all sizes from babies thru adults, featuring many of the Looney Tunes characters, as well as various Six Flags roller coasters (so everyone can know that you dared to ride them!)

To your right you can see the picture of a Tweety Bird dress we purchased not too long ago This particular dress features retro '60's styling and an embroidered picture of Tweety Bird on the blouse portion of this one-piece outfit. The price was quite affordable, and so cute, too. A number of other types of clothing are available, from shorts sets to sweatshirts and loungewear.

A different Tweety Bird dress style is shown in the photo below, another example of some of the cute Looney Tunes clothing you can get at Six Flags. Styles change frequently, so you will always find a new surprise waiting for you on every visit to the theme park.

Picture: Tweety Bird dress from Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Plaza Restaurants & Snacks

In the Six Flags Plaza themed area, there are also places to grab a meal or pick up a quick snack.

For lunch or dinner, you can check out the Plaza Cafe, which sells sandwiches, salads and gourmet coffees. A delightful patio dining area gives you an inviting spot to rest and relax as you take your meal break.

Hot? You'll enjoy the Plaza Ice Cream Company. You can get a cone, a sundae or a shake to revive your energy & beat the heat.

Got a sweet tooth? The Cartoon Candy Kitchen sells taste-tempting candy, confections and juicy caramel apples. Also, Suzette's Bakery offers those ever-popular theme park treats, funnel cakes!



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