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Fascinating Universal Studios Hollywood in California

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of exciting Universal Studios Hollywood theme park attractions. Discover more about this entertaining...yet educational...Los Angeles theme park on this page!

What is Universal Studios Hollywood?

It's a unique theme park that takes you behind-the-scenes of film-making!

Photo of the Universal Studios Hollywood sign At Universal Studios Hollywood in California, you'll learn all the interesting details about Hollywood movie-making...and behind-the-scenes secrets of special effects production! The reason this theme park can do this so well is simple---it IS a Hollywood film studio! Real movies that you see at your local cinema are made here. And, movies were being made here at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California long before the theme park was ever added.

You'll take a tour of actual studio sets used in making your favorite films. You'll adventure on thrilling rides themed to smash cinema hits. You'll see REAL Hollywood stunt men, women, and animals strut their stuff in LIVE shows that'll leave you gasping (or make you ready to begin your OWN career in stunt work, if you're a more daring type of person!)

On this page (and the following pages, too) you'll see pictures of Universal Studios Hollywood, and get an overview of the attractions you may enjoy when you visit.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES STUDIO TOUR Photo of Universal Studios Hollywood movie sets
What you're seeing in the photo to your right is a picture of real movie sets at Universal Studios Hollywood---sets that you'll get to see up close when you drive through them on your tram tour of the Universal Studios Back Lot.

These sets are ACTUALLY used in the production of feature films, television shows, advertisements and videos that you see both at home on TV as well as in the theaters. (Of course, these movie sets are "customized" with different signs, props and decorations each time they're used in a production, so you may not easily recognize them while watching a movie---even AFTER you've taken your Universal Studios backlot tour!) The sets in the picture above are only a SMALL part of what you'll see on the Universal Studios tour, so be sure to head to the Universal Studios Tour page of our site to get the whole scoop!

Photo of an animatronic dinosaur on the Jurassic Park ride at  Universal Studios Hollywood To your right, you're looking at a photo of a peaceful, plant-eating dinosaur that you'll view on "Jurassic Park the Ride" at Universal Studios California. This very popular ride winds through the rivers of Jurassic Park's "tame" dinosaur area...but, unfortunately, not all the dinos on the island are quite as friendly. You may wonder if you'll ever escape as terrifying flesh-eaters stalk your boat, and the ride ends in a thrilling drop down into a splash pool!

The Revenge of the Mummy--The Ride is the park's fastest thrill ride. You won't know if you're most scared most by the twists, turns, and drops of this roller coaster in-the-dark or by its in-your-face special effects inspired by the Revenge of the Mummy movie! You've just gotta "see it to believe it!"

To discover info about fun rides at Universal Hollywood (including the new Transformers Ride which opened in 2012,) check out the "Universal Studio Rides" page of our site to find out the details!

Photo of an exciting live boat chase at Universal Studios Hollywood in Southern California It's one thing to watch an action movie with stunt men dropping from planes and falling off buildings throughout the show. Ho hum... These are just everyday occurrences on TV & at the movies. But it's ANOTHER matter altogether when you see LIVE human beings risking their lives because "the show must go on!" You'll gasp and gape at the stunt shows in Universal Studios California...and hope that the actors come out safe and sound from the performance.

The photo here is of the Water World show, where the stunts performed involve...of course...water, plus fire and explosions galore!

For more information about Universal Studio's other live shows, movies, walk-through shows, and special effects demonstrations, please visit the "Universal Studios Shows" page of this site, and get the lowdown!

The shops and stores at Universal Studios California are a souvenir-hunter's delight! As you can tell by the picture of Sponge Bob slippers and stuffed animals to your left, you'll find all sorts of merchandise that may be difficult to come across in other places.

You can find shops selling themed-items related to---

*Universal Studios (of course)

*Movie making

*Silver Screen legends

*Comic strip characters

*Rides & attractions, such as the Terminator 2--3D, Jurassic Park and Revenge of the Mummy movies and rides

*Hollywood memorabilia

For the complete "411" on the Universal theme park's unique shopping opportunities, please head to the "Universal Studios Shopping" page of our site. You might also want to check out the interesting stores right outside the park at the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk...and start your shopping list before ever leaving home!

Discount Tickets & Practical Info

Important things to know before your Universal Studios Hollywood visit


You'll need to know about Universal Studio California's ticket options and pricing before you take your family getaway vacation at the park. What's even more exciting, though, is the array of fabulous discount offers that Universal Studio has! You'll find out about season passes, deluxe annual passes, single-day discounts, and even multi-park discount tickets!

You can also find out about the special programs that Universal has...such as the "front of the line pass" and joining the VIP Studio Tour, (which takes you 'WAY behind the scenes, touring sets, sound stages and prop rooms that the general public doesn't see.)

Find out about all these great offers by Universal Studios California, by clicking to the "Universal Studios Discount Ticket info" page!

Photo: Universal Studios Hollywood entranceOther practical info for planning your visit: If you're unsure where the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park is located, you'll want to visit the "Universal Studios Hollywood address and directions page of this site. Or, if you'd like to find out about the Universal Studios CityWalk entertainment, shopping and dining area (located just outside the theme park's front gates,) please see the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk page of our site.

Do you love scary Halloween chills and excitement? Then you'll love Universal Studios Hollywood's annual Halloween Horror Nights. You'll wander through haunted mazes, meet monsters, and actually get to spend some time in Universal's Back Lot on foot (in a terrorizing Halloween version of the Back Lot Tour!) For details on Universal's movie-themed Halloween festivities, check out the Universal's Horror Nights page of this site.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Some readers have wondered if Universal Studios Hollywood has a new Harry Potter attraction. The answer, Unfortunately, is no...not yet. BUT it will only be a little while longer before there WILL be a Harry Potter themed area at Universal Hollywood soon. An opening date has now been set---and you will be able to enjoy Harry Potter attractions at the California location of Universal Studios in Spring, 2016! Well, OK, so the specific date hasn't yet been announced at this time... but the Memorial Day weekend is when it will probably be ready (in order to compete with other theme parks that are debuting new attractions that weekend.)

Meanwhile, there IS a Universal theme park that already has a huge Harry Potter addition, and that's Universal's "Islands of Adventure" park in Orlando, Florida. If you'd like to see pictures of the Harry Potter attractions which opened in 2010 at Islands of Adventure, here's an interesting website with info, updates and pictures of the Harry Potter theme park-within-a-theme-park that has taken Orlando by STORM!



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